Meet Kate

Hi there! I’m Kate. If you’re interested in things like where I went to school, or where I’ve worked, click here to check out my LinkedIn. Otherwise, these few facts will tell you a lot about me:

favorite designer: everyone doing something unpredictable. well, all of them them, Sarah Sherman Samuel, Justina Blakeney and Coco Shelton.

favorite store: the closest thrift shop.

favorite music: everything (except country). i like my music how i like my decor: eclectic, interesting, and (as Jonathan Silver Scott once predicted about me), I prefer it on vinyl.

favorite artist: Jean-Michel Basquiat

favorite podcasts: The Daily + Pod Save America

person i would most like to hug: Anderson Cooper

I’m also a mama to two little redhead girls who are teaching me more about how to be fierce than I could possibly teach them. I have two dogs: both mixed-breed rescues, one of whom is lovely, the other eats my couches. I live for my family and spend my days with my ears tuned into politics and my eyes engrossed in interiors.

I’m really not very complicated.

But, I’m glad you’re here!

I hope you enjoy following along as we renovate our 110-year-old home, sometimes share bits and pieces of our lives, and always promise to never bore you