Meet Kate

Well, how should I sum up my entire nearly 40 year-old life in a few paragraphs?

If you’re interested in things like where I went to school, or where I’ve worked, click here to check out my LinkedIn. Some of that stuff might be what you’d expect (I have a background in the arts), but some of it may surprise you (before starting this blog, I was a premed student).

Kate Pearce Vintage got its start in 2017 as a way to help me pay my premed tuition. As I attempted to squeak my way through my program, I was really quite sick. I spent well over 100 days hospitalized in my twenties, having major surgeries, and never feeling all that well due to complications from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Holding down a 9-5 was out of the question, and after leaving my premed program I settled on the idea of having a career that could easily be put on pause if my health took a turn for the worse. Thankfully, my health has been stable for years now, but I am grateful for those years when it wasn’t as it put me on a path that has led to where I am now.

The shop began exclusively on Etsy, which then turned into an Instagram account slinging the vintage I listed on Etsy. In 2018, Apartment Therapy asked to do a full feature on my home. It was then that I realized I had a knack for design and everything took off from there.

Today, you can find me blogging, Instagramming, and consulting nearly exclusively about DIY and Interior Design. I am also a mama to two little redheads, Eva (10) and Josie (5), and our rescue dog, Ripley (9). My partner in crime, Billy, does nearly all the building, electric and plumbing and does a seriously badass job at implementing my designs.

In November of 2021, we closed on the house where all of this began. It was a 1910 farmhouse-style home on Long Island, New York that we transformed from a little sad to a home we were proud to call our own. Now, we’re onto a 1899-er in Chicago and we hope you’ll join us on this new renovation journey.

Thanks so much for being here. This dream we’re living has all been made possible by each and every one of our Instagram followers and blog subscribers, and to say we are incredibly grateful would be an understatement.

We hope you enjoy following along on our very imperfect, but never boring journey.