One Room Challenge Week 5 | Finishing Touches on our Bold Boho Kitchen

Can’t believe we’re almost at the finish line! And here we are – so busy with these final touches – that I almost forgot to post this week! Before I say anything, I just want to give my husband a MAJOR shoutout. Guy hasn’t had a break in months. First it was 9-9 work on Saturdays and Sundays and this past month he has even been up until 2am nearly every night of the week to get this kitchen up and running for us – and complete for the ORC reveal. Move aside, Chip Gaines! ha!

Riad tile backsplash

So we’ve made some major progress this past week. We’ve added crown molding, had the floors finished, painted the walls, finished tiling with our Riad tile, got our super amazing vintage Moroccan rug in from June and Blue – and our stove arrived from Hallman Industries! I’m going to give you some sneak peaks at some, but not all of that, because that damn reveal needs to have some surprises!

Fixtures from DLdesignworks

And, of course, what Kate Pearce Vintage space wouldn’t be complete with lots of vintage touches. Those, too, will be a surprise for you next week, but I’ve been hoarding lots of great vintage and buying some from some fellow shop owners who just have the best eye – I’ll be sure to give them all shoutouts at reveal time, too.

So, back to that tile. I always want to be transparent with you all, so it’s important to know that we teamed up with Riad Tile for this space, but I also want you to know that we chose THEM, not the other way around. I have long been in love with their thick, matte concrete tiles and was dying to use them in the kitchen and they were kind enough to team up with us and put enough trust in us to install their showstopping tiles (I think my husband did a pretty damn good job!). I know I keep saying this about every part of the kitchen, but these tiles really may be my favorite element. They add that touch of bold that I crave for in each of my spaces, but the matte finish and the raw concrete material allows them to add just the right amount of approachability to counter their graphic design. Riad tiles are handmade by expert artisans, their prices are just AMAZING for the outstanding quality and the best part is they are so sturdy they could even be used on an outdoor patio (hello, spring 2020 ORC!).

Riad tile backsplash + DLdesignworks pendants

This is the first peak, too, that I’m offering up of our range hood. And, let me tell you that range hood took up SO. MUCH. TIME. First, range hoods are EXPENSIVE. Like, GAH! Not sure we would have gotten a 48-inch range if we had realized. So, since our budget was low and we had mostly drained our resources at this point, we spent loads of time researching how we could most cheaply install a safe range hood while not sacrificing style. We finally decided on buying a range hood insert, and my husband used his super skills to build a sheetrock frame around it. What you see here isn’t the finished product – we’ll have some fun surprises coming at yah next week with the range hood.

sneak peek at open shelving + Pepe + Carols hardware

And, the floors! As much as I wanted to leave those beautiful natural wood herringbone floors au naturale, they needed to be finished. We live in a home with two young children, two dogs, and two not-so-neat adults. We hired this one out, because color was super important to us and we had no idea what the ___ we were doing when it came to finishing floors. We asked them to stain the floors in a way that would enhance their natural coloring, and we are really happy with the final product – if anyone is on Long Island, New York and needs a floor guy, let me know! I’ve got a good one!

So, I’m going to leave it here for this week but, as always, please be sure to check out all of the other incredible transformations happening over at the One Room Challenge site!


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