Week 4, you tried to get us down but we just aren’t having any of that! We ran into a major hiccup on Friday (no, we didn’t bust any more water pipes, thank you), but we were determined to not let it bring us down. I found myself in the emergency room on Friday with a ruptured ovarian cyst. In true Pearce fashion, the husband stayed at home (at my request), to keep chipping away at the ORC while I had my little emergency room stint. I was more or less useless the entire weekend, thanks to my pathetically low tolerance for painkillers, but by Sunday night I was up and painting, too. When you have chronic illness, you sort of plan for these things. No, it’s not sad! It’s a perk of being chronically ill, really. You learn how to take life by the horns and get ‘er done.

My twelve year-old pup followed me around for this photo shoot.

So, enough about that. I want to talk PROGRESS. In the past week we were able to knock a ton off of our to-do list and have even found ourselves a bit ahead of the game. We have the bookshelves 100% painted in a high gloss black and they are looking classy AF, if I do say so myself. The last two pieces were shipped and they are due in this week. The first of which is our Sazerac Stitches sconce trio. Three of their Adjustable Kelly Sconce will line the top of our bookshelves (color will be revealed…..well, at REVEAL).

A view of the space opposite library wall. MUCH will be different!

The other piece we are waiting for is the hardware to build our library ladder. Bill (the hubs) was able to finish building the library ladder this week, too, and now we are just waiting to paint (or stain?) the ladder and put all the parts together. We are hoping to have the Kelly Sconces mounted, the ModSprout Growbars and Growframes installed, and the library ladder complete by the end of week 5.

Photo credits to Modern Sprout

Thrifting and plant shopping were also on the week 4 to-do list and I DELIVERED. Basically, they are my two favorite activities in the world, and I love ANY excuse to get out there and sift through people’s old crap and to stick my fingers into soil and check for mealybugs. Wow, I am FUN, aren’t I?! But, for real, I found some super awesome sauce at the thrift shop and the nursery. I think I may have (unintentionally) given people the idea on Instagram that ALL 45 shelves of the library wall will be filled with plants. But, that is just not true. I have been collecting vintage books for YEARS now, so a big motivating factor for this library wall was to actually have a place to put them. That was, in a nutshell, exactly how I sold my husband on the project: “But, hey, if you build those shelves then you won’t have to trip over stacks of books every time you try to walk from one room to another!”

I did also start styling the shelves this week, as I wanted ample time to be able to get it right. With our Spring 2019 ORC kitchen, I found myself scrambling in the moments before the room was photographed to get it styled and, in the end, I wished I had that time to properly take a step back and style things the right way. So I have been determined to not let that happen this time. And it’s a good thing I started because, while I thought I was going to have TOO MANY books and plants, it turns out I didn’t have NEARLY ENOUGH. HA! So, you can bet I’ll be more or less living at the thrift stores and nurseries between now and reveal.

My pup popping in again! The white canvas is laid for our entryway fun!

The other thing I was able to get started on this week was the entryway. I finally got that wall painted white, which essentially gessoed the canvas for the FUN that will be going on in that space. Next week I am going to reveal a little more about that space, including the HomePop piece that will be styled in the entryway.

So, this week was a success for sure, and for week five we are looking to be complete with ALL of the big ticket items so we can focus on nailing the styling and finishing all those small, tedious details in WEEK 6 before reveal. Small bits of missing molding, second coats of paint, a spray painting of a radiator, etc. are just a few examples of all of those annoying little details that we are saving for the end. We also want to make sure we have ample time to wait for a good weather day to be able to take some great shots of the space.

My dog, yet again! Also, sharing our reno mess with you because it is REAL.

And, you don’t have to be polite and act like you didn’t notice, but the utter MESS that has been created by this renovation will need to be cleaned up as well. I thought about cleaning the messes to take these process shots, but decided against it for two reasons:

  1. It didn’t feel like a good use of our very precious, dwindling time and
  2. It’s REAL. Constructions have that funny little way of uprooting almost every part of our daily existence, so I like to share that realness with you.

I think that rounds out our updates for WEEK 4 and we just can’t believe we are two SHORT weeks away from the final reveal! As always, be sure to head on over to the One Room Challenge BLOG to read up on all of the other incredible transformations. Both the Featured Designers and the Guest Participants have been blowing my mind with all of the creativity busting out of their rooms! I always say the One Room Challenge is like Christmas for adults.

So, go ahead, grab a cuppa joe and open up those presents.



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