Welcome! Kate Pearce Vintage is ecstatic to be participating in the “Something Different Late Fall Home Tour” blog hop. I am, along with 21 other talented bloggers, going to offer you a seasonal peek into our home.

So, Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and those December holidays are just weeks away. So, WHAT exactly is a home to do?! I have to be honest with you, these pumpkins are still on my porch, yet I have been busily crafting a DIY Christmas tree with my daughter’s inside. Clearly, my home has been feeling about as confused as Bill Murray on Groundhog’s Day. To make things a bit more complicated, we will be away for Thanksgiving, but home for Christmas and New Year’s, so this transition from Fall to full-blown Holiday decor has been, let’s just say “complex.” But, if you were to come into my home today, you wouldn’t be very attuned to the confusion going on behind-the-scenes because I came up with a simple plan for transitioning my home from Fall to Holiday.

And it all has to do with color. If you’re a regular reader, you might know that we just finished our One Room Challenge library space (pictured above). The jewel-toned palette of the room screams “Fall” or “Winter” almost equally, and I chose to merely add some texture with a cozy sheepskin and some harvest-inspired florals. Very soon this space will take a full-blown transition into Holiday (stay tuned!), but while creating this One Room Challenge space, we were very cognizant of the November reveal date, and intentionally chose textiles and colors for the season. When Spring comes around, removing the layered rug and sheepskin, adding in some Spring florals, and switching up the throw pillows will take this room right to where it needs to be for the longer days and sunnier weather.

Another way I was able to add a touch of Fall to my home was through playing around with the color on the open shelves in my kitchen. I brought in rust colored books and mugs. The antique dough bowls host pumpkins (and will soon host Christmas bulbs). And the art is always switched out to match the palette of the season. Fall doesn’t have to scream ORANGE or RED, either. I find that adding some earth-tones, such as the terracotta planters or the browns in the Mona Lisa artwork (both seen below), can give a classic Fall vibe without feeling overdone.

I brought these same earth-toned hues into my living room before we transitioned the space for the One Room Challenge. I picked up this bouquet of dried wheat (pictured below) and it has made its way around the house. I love that it can be used for future years, as adding sustainable decor elements to my home is something that is quite important to me. The wheat is not only an organically grown centerpiece, but it is also a classic, so I know it will find its way back into my Fall decor for years to come (instead of finding its way into a landfill).

I was also sure to pick up some earth-toned knick-knacks at the thrift store and estate sales. These art books were scored for $1 each at an estate sale, while these cement paperweights were $5 for a group of three at the thrift store. Again, saving these pieces from landfills rather than supporting the production of mass-marketed new goods from places such as Target made them feel-good purchases. And, truly, if the beauty of Fall doesn’t remind us of the fragility and preciousness of our Earth, I just don’t know what will. It’s a time to embrace harvesting not just our crops, but to also salvage the human-produced goods that are just waiting to be treasured on the shelves of our thrift stores.

Yet another way we have sustainably embraced Fall is by not fighting with my toddler when she obsessively collects fallen leaves off our front yard. We’ve brought them indoors, and the ones that are not found crushed all over my vintage rugs are brought to the kids’ desk and used for arts and crafts.

And nature always has a way of reminding us that no matter how hard we work to beautify our homes, we can never match the glory that nature provides. We are lucky enough to live on a tree-covered property, and the Fall is the one time of the year when I much prefer to look outside my windows, instead of in. The palette provided by the leaves on our property make the glow of the sunsets shine through our windows with a magical hue. I tried my best to capture it above, but photography could never do it justice.

Now that Halloween is over and we are beginning to clean and ready our home for our Thanksgiving dog sitters, I have begun to add some transitional elements to our home, such as these thrifted strands of faux berries. The berries could just as easily adorn a Thanksgiving table as they could these shelves and mantle for Christmas, so up they went this week, and they will stick around through the New Year.

I hope you’ve enjoyed touring our home for this Late Fall tour! Please make sure to hop on over to all of the other incredible bloggers’ homes to get some other fabulous ideas for decorating your own home for this beautiful season. I have listed all of the tours participating in this Fall Blog hop below, so a quick click on the links will give you all the inspo!

Before parting ways I’d just like to share a quote I recently read on Instagram that struck a chord with me. It read:

If there is a heaven, it is called October.”

Cheers to that!


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