holiday 2019: gift guide to shopping [affordable] art

This last gift guide of 2019 was the hardest of the three to make. As a self-professed art addict, I had a super hard time narrowing this list down to just a shoppable few, but in the end there were two qualities that defined the list: 1. AFFORDABILITY and 2. GIFTABILITY (meaning, no large 20 x 20 foot triptychs and no art that requires a trust fund to purchase). So, here they are; the most affordable, shoppable (and super duper dope) art pieces to gift for the 2019 holiday season:

Kira Abribat

Kira Abribat has mastered a wide range of mediums, from photography to oils, and just like her varying media, the subjects of her work are so refreshing in their unpredictability. From pithy graphics to romantic landscapes, Abribat’s thought-provoking pieces always keep us on our toes.

New York Romantic by Kira Abribat – $235

Jan Skácelík

Pictured above is Jan’s Limited Edition print, “In the Sky No. 3.” Jan’s work comes in at not just a perfectly affordable price, but a perfectly giftable size, and his incredibly fluid color palette ensures that you will easily find just the right piece for any modern home.

In the Sky No. 3 by Jan Skácelík – $40

Mel Remmers

Mel Remmers work caught my eye years ago and it’s been on my mind ever since. The bulk of her work is comprised of expert studies in human expression, which are conveyed through meticulously crafted fashionistas. Her play on light and movement is sure to dazzle anyone on the receiving end of her works. The best part? Mel offers originals for that someone special, or prints for just about anyone else.

McQueen’s Moon by Mel Remmers from $40

Heather Felder

Heather’s work has not only been found hanging around the shelves of Anthropologie, but has recently been scouted by Papyrus and now adorns some of their exclusive products. Heather’s instantly recognizable ladies make a thoughtful gift for your favorite feminist.

People Watching in Paris by Heather Felder$18

Southern Mesa Trading by Christina Kelley

Christina Kelley’s work is no stranger to some of the most chic homes on the gram, most likely because the bold and graphic subjects of her pieces are sure to stop your scroll. Whether you’re into puns, seasonal decor, or beachy vibes, Christina’s got you covered.

Ralphie Bunny by Southern Mesa Trading$20

Salt Stitches by Emily

I recently discovered Salt Stitches through my Instagram call for small shops, and I fell hard and fast for every last piece Emily embroiders. Her abstract, mixed media creations are inspired by the textures of the English seaside, and make a perfectly unique gift for anyone looking to own a vestige of that heavenly seascape.

Arbuscula by Salt Stitches$289

Sharlene Kayne

Last, but not least, I’d like to introduce Sharlene Kayne and her utterly brilliant torn paper collages. Sharlene uses paper from around the world to craft poignant renditions of our favorite icons. From Queen Elizabeth II to RBG, Sharlene’s subjects are far from esoteric, yet she captures a more arcane side of these idols by capturing them in unexpected (and often bubble-popping) poses.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Sharlene Kayne – pricing varies

And that rounds out my favorite artists to shop this holiday season! Be sure to check out my Instagram highlights for more small shops to peruse.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!


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