My Continuing Love Affair with Joybird Sofas

If you’ve been around for a while, it probably comes as no surprise to you that I am obsessed with Joybird and all of their offerings. This past Spring/Summer, we were so lucky to collaborate with Joybird a second time on our Spring 2020 One Room Challenge project. The Briar Sleeper Sofa has become one of the most coveted objects in our newly renovated attic space, and I’m here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about both Joybird and the Briar sofa.

How comfortable is the mattress inside the Briar Sleeper?

This is perhaps the question I have been asked more than any other, and I am happy to report that the Briar sleeper is hands down the most comfortable sleeper sofa I have ever slept on. While I am not quite ready to tell you to ditch your everyday mattress for a pullout sofa bed, I can very confidently tell you that your overnight guests will be pleasantly surprised that their backs actually feel just fine after their stay. We pull the sofa bed out nearly every night, and our family of four is always super cozy for a good movie night on the pull-out.

What is the quality of the upholstery?

We opted for the Briar Sleeper Sofa in the Royale Peacock fabric, which is a velvet. I really cannot say enough good things about the upholstery. As a velvet addict, one aspect of velvets that can really drive me up the wall is how easily they stain – and how noticeable the resulting stains can be. The Royale Peacock fabric, however, has so far appeared to be incredibly stain resistant. With two dogs, and two young children, there has not been a single spill or spot that hasn’t cleaned up entirely with a simple swipe of a wet cloth. The best part? This velvet is even softer than most, making this upholstery choice one I will never regret. Not sold on velvet? No worries – the Briar Sleeper Sofa comes in over 50 different fabrics, so you can tailor this stunning silhouette to your own personal brand.

Is the sofa firm?

This is another question I am often asked about the Briar Sleeper Sofa. I currently own two sofas from Joybird – the Briony and the Briar – and while I can very confidently report that both are equally comfortable, the Briony has a firmer cushion than the Briar. My husband (who stand 6’4″ tall) prefers the slightly less firm cushion of the Briar to the Briony. Personally, I love them both! The one aspect of the Briar sofa that I absolutely LOVE that I have to admit wasn’t even really on my radar before ordering it, is the single seat cushion. It makes it extra comfortable to lay down on, and no worrying about one cushion sliding out while you’re getting cozy.

Were you nervous about committing to a sofa without sitting in it first?

This is another question I am often asked about Joybird and I have two different answer for you. The first bit of information I have pertaining to Joybird and online ordering is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way! Joybird actually has showrooms in Brooklyn, Washington D.C. and Chicago, so if you are near any of those three locations, you can easily hop over and try out the sofas firsthand! But if you’re not close to Joybird showrooms, and you’re considering ordering before sitting, I can assure you these sofas are incredibly comfortable with top-notch quality. I must admit I was a bit unsure before ordering the Briony, but after owning one Joybird sofa, I was confident that any other piece I ordered from them would be just as quality.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the Briar, the Briony, or the Joybird experience!

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