How To Spice Up Your Home for Fall: A Home Tour

Whether you’re hopping over here from A Worthing Court, or found this home tour in some other fashion, WELCOME! A big thanks to Mansa of This is Simplicite and Kelly of The Tattered Pew for hosting this blog hop. So, 2020 may be the slowest year of our lives, but September is finally upon us and it’s finally time to get our cozy on. I haven’t conducted any psychological experiments, but I think it’s safe to predict that if one were to ask a random person on the street what three things make them think of fall, they might answer:

  1. pumpkins
  2. pumpkin spice latte
  3. mums

So I’ve made it my goal to show you how to spice your home up for Fall without using any actual spice…or pumpkins…or mums (because you’ve probably already thought to use them).

The first thing I’d like to point out about Fall is that it is probably the one season that can be effectively decorated for on the super-cheap. And by cheap, I mean FREE. I find that Fall evokes simplicity, and there are some really easy ways we can bring our homes back to nature and our minds back to zen. The first of which is decluttering. Take those superfluous things off your shelves, those extra pillows off your bed, and pare things down by grouping single items, which will allow your eye a moment to rest. I achieved this organic minimalist look by turning all of my vintage books “spine-in,” placing just apples in an antique dough bowl, and paring down my shelves to just a few items.

I even took my kitchen shades down which served a dual purpose: it scaled back the color in my kitchen, but also allowed more light to pour in through my kitchen windows (a must for me this time of year when days are shorter and I strain to catch every sun beam I can).

So, we’ve talked about scaling back on clutter and color, but there is one more “free” way in which we can decorate for Fall. I will concede that “free” is a sliding scale in this case. “WTF do you mean, Kate? Free is FREE,” you say? Well, that all depends on what you can forage around you. If you’ve been growing veggies, now is the time to harvest and put them on display before you enjoy them in your cooking. If you’ve been growing sunflowers, dahlias, sedum or zinnias, cut them and bring them in for a splash of Fall color. But branches, corn stalks, pampas…. really ANYTHING that grows can all be trimmed and brought in for a Fall-inspired display.

Another easy Fall vignette can be created through something you likely already have in the house, or can easily be purchased at the grocery store: apples. I just love the simplicity of apples grouped in an antique dough bowl for Fall. There is something about the aged wood that can’t be replicated by newer pieces, and the pairing of the wood with one of nature’s most ubiquitous creations, the apple, is simply a perfect marriage for Fall.

The good news is that if these things can’t readily be found around you, or at your local grocery store, they can probably be found online. I have opted to buy some dried florals to spice up my home for Fall because, even though they may be a small investment, they can be used year after year. Find some of my favorite options for a Fall foliage display here (and click to purchase). Please note that these are affiliate links, and I may make commission on items purchased through these links:

I also love bringing in more woven, natural textures. I’ve done this by paring down the color on my kitchen shelves to neutral tones, but that doesn’t have to mean boring. I’ve kept some aesthetic interest by layering these pieces with different neutral tones. Think terracottas, whites, woods, and ceramics all grouped together. The depth of the different tones and textures keeps things interesting, while the dearth of color keeps the vibe organic and natural.

Adding seasonal interest through plants is always a good idea, too, and I’ve layered lots of cascading plants on my shelves as another way to bring nature inside (taken pre-window treatment removal).

One important thing to keep in mind when decorating your home for any season is that we have five senses, and the most considered spaces pique the interest of as many of those senses as possible. For Fall, I love to bring in spiced and mulled scents through candles or incense. I found some great cheap candles at Target and grabbed a bunch so I don’t have to feel guilty about keeping a $75 candle lit for the season. Click each candle to purchase (disclaimer: these are affiliate links and I may be paid commission if you purchase items through these links).

And it isn’t just the scent from candles that can evoke a seasonal disposition. Whenever I find a brass candlestick holder at a thrift store or estate sale, I grab it. Then, this time of year, I bring them out in groups for tablescapes. This year (the year of COVID, as I call it) I will not be entertaining, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make shit fancy for myself and my little family. Lately I’ve been grabbing a bunch of my candlestick holders, pairing them with seasonally appropriate black candlesticks, and putting them on the table for dinner every night. AN INSTANT MOOD LIFTER.

If you’re a big thrifter like I am, the other simple thing you can do is change up the art on your walls. I always grab art from estate sales, thrift stores and flea markets, and change it out for the seasons. Truly, there is no bigger bang for your buck. During summer, I love to add splashes of bold color and abstract art, but Fall calls for a time to return to nature. For me, that means landscapes. I replaced the bold orange print on my kitchen hood with a landscape in oil, and the change is subtle, yet enormous. Every time I walk into my kitchen now, I feel like the entire room has been renovated by the simple switch of a single piece of art.

In our master bath, I simply added some bright faux fall foliage to my dried palm leaves to add some extra fall texture and color. I also changed out my laundry basket to something with more natural texture and warmer tones. You can shop both the foliage and the basket by clicking the affiliate links (images) below:

And that’s a wrap, folks! Thanks so much for stopping by, and here sure to head on over to the next stop on the tour – the lovely Jordan at A Blue Nest. Be sure to also check out all of the other stops on the tour:



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