Looking for Holiday Time-Savers? Our Samsung Fridge Has Been a Huge Help

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I know I’m not alone when I say the holidays are incredibly hectic around this house. I can’t decide whether the pandemic will make it more, or less hectic, but one thing I AM sure of is we will be spending much more time in our home than we normally would. Instead of attending Holiday cocktail parties, we’ll be creating our own Holiday cocktails at home. And rather than going to Rockefeller Center to get our Holiday decorations fix, we’ll be decking the halls of our own home.

I’ve found our Samsung Three-Door French Door refrigerator to be incredibly useful during this holiday-at-home season. In fact, I think a fridge has just become my best friend. I usually start each day to check the family calendar on the screen of the fridge to make sure I haven’t forgotten about any toy drives or holiday snacks for the kids at school.

Then I turn on the Spotify app and turn up the Christmas tunes while I get work done. Since I am a work-from-home AND home-schooling mother during the pandemic, my kitchen counter has become my desk and I need to parent and work at the same time. I love that I can control the Spotify music from anywhere in the house, and have it play in the heart of our home: the kitchen.

The Samsung Three-Door French Door fridge comes especially in handy when I’m looking to distract the kids while I get dinner cooked, or need to take a work call. The kids have been using the YouTube app a lot to take holiday-themed kids yoga classes, have holiday books read to them, or to watch Christmas-themed shows. The parental controls on the fridge take the worry out of letting them scroll through YouTube. But the best part is the screen is so large and I’m always in the same room, so it’s incredibly easy to monitor what they are watching on the internet.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I am regularly raving about the Recipe Hub on the Samsung Three-Door French Door refrigerator, and it’s been so incredibly useful this holiday season. I’ve been able to pick out Christmas recipes with the kids, and then the fridge orders all the ingredients for me through Amazon Fresh, which has saved me a ton of valuable time during this hectic time of year.

The other way our Samsung refrigerator has been a lifesaver this holiday season is by helping us find easy holiday DIYs. My daughters love scrolling through some of our favorite DIY blogs using Google, and I am able to look at the screen and help the girls come up with craft ideas, all while I cook.

The whiteboard app is another great feature of the Samsung Three-Door French Door refrigerator and the girls love drawing holiday pictures on there. They make the cutest pictures and I love how it allows the fridge to fit in with the rest of my holiday decor!

Have any question about the Samsung Three-Door French Door refrigerator? Drop me a comment below and I’d be happy to answer it!

Hoping you have a stress-free and happy holidays!

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