Kate Pearce Vintage’s Speakeasy | ORC Spring 2021: Week 7

I can’t believe we are mere DAYS away from One Room Challenge REVEAL day and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m feeling really very good about where we are. I am, of course, writing this blog a few days late, so I will update you on what happened only during WEEK 7.


The banquette is maybe the star of the speakeasy space, and Billy did NOT disappoint with his first real upholstery job. From the very beginning, I was attached to the idea of having a custom bench in this space. Unfortunately for anyone dealing with me and my ideas, I can get very dug in, but Billy was all about building this piece from the start. He didn’t skip a beat when I explained what I wanted built. “Yup, I can do that!” he said with an almost unbelievable amount of confidence. And “do that” he sure did.

Sometime this week I’ll be adding a Reel or an IGTV on Instagram showing the entire bench building process, but for now I do have some footage and details saved on my story highlights, “ORC 2021,” if you’re interested. It felt really good to get this piece complete because we weren’t so sure how long it would take Billy to do, and it also was such an integral part of the overall vision for this space.


Billy also got started on the floor tile this week. I’ve mentioned on Instagram, but perhaps not here on the blog, that I usually help out a lot with tiling. This ORC has been different, though, because we are simultaneously working on another big project that has yet to be revealed. I have been tackling that, while Billy has taken on of all the physical labor on the speakeasy space. But, clearly did didn’t need me with this floor tile. He was able to complete all of it in a single night and morning.

I knew this tile was going to be a major statement. With the bold banquette, the dazzling wall tile and the eye-catching terra-cotta color on the walls, I was genuinely worried it would be just “too much.” So, why did I run with it anyway? Well, sometimes certain spaces are more fun when they’re also too much! Installing the checkerboard tile on an angle gave it a classy vibe, and the rustic, matte finish of the tiles also toned them down a bit.

This space makes my eyeballs so happy and it’s turning out to be SUCH a fun space, but it’s also in my basement and not an area of my home I will use daily. Probably not even weekly, if I’m to be honest (Billy, on the other hand, is planning on moving down there). It’s been SUPER fun to just let go and have fun with it. From a design perspective, I’ve been treating it as though I am designing a fun basement speakeasy bar for a business. And, hey, weekly poker nights in the speakeasy ARE money-generating, right? Well, I guess if you’re the one coming out on top, anyway. Ha!


So, we have less than a week to go and one the things we’ve been working on since the close of Week 7 have been upcycling the barstools I found at the thrift store for $4! They were priced at $8 for the pair, and when I went to checkout, the were 50% off. They’re gorgeous and sturdy vintage rattan stools and this is the one piece that I’ve undertaken on my own this week. I’ll admit, I dropped the bottom cushions off to be upholstered by a pro in the same chartreuse velvet as the banquette. As for the stools themselves, I’ve sanded down the high gloss white that was on them, wiped them clean, and then sprayed a coat of KILZ primer. Last night I was able to get the first coat of a high gloss black on them and they’re looking fabulous!

Billy worked on the front of the bar yesterday while I worked on the stools. I think I’m going to hold off on details so there will be SOME surprises for reveal. He was also working on the mega-top-secret thing that I’ve alluded to since Week 1. He was able to finish the mega-top-secret thing last night and it looks amazing!

Stay tuned for REVEAL! In the meantime, be sure to head over to the One Room Challenge blog to check out all of the other stellar room transformations!

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