Our Summer Porch Refresh with Serena & Lily

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Our front porch has been a labor of love since we moved in four years ago. We began with replacing some rotting floor boards and painting the floor. Two years later, we got some porch-worthy furniture from Article. Finally, this past Fall we drenched the porch in Sherwin Williams Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze, replaced the railing and added screens. But it wasn’t until this week that I felt the porch was finally “done.”

The first thing we desperately needed was some additional light sources. Now that the space was screened in, we could finally enjoy those late summer evenings mosquito-free, but it was just too dark. I had long been in love with Serena & Lily’s Pacifica Outdoor Pendants, and the Light Dune color was the perfect complement to our rattan daybed. We grabbed two of them, one small and one medium and hung them at two different heights to create some visual interest. The pendants themselves are fairly simple. But hung in a group (or even just a pair), they really make a statement. I think out of anything we have done to the porch with furniture or decor, these Pacifica Outdoor Pendants have had the biggest impact.

We also grabbed some new outdoor pillows, freshened up the floor paint, and added a vase with fresh-cut flowers from our garden. I’m always sure to keep that vase fresh and full, because like any space, it’s all in the details. Speaking of details, this Spinnaker Tray from Serena & Lily is one of my new favorite pieces. It’s heavy, sturdy, and large so I don’t worry about the kids tipping it over and breaking it. It also fits PERFECTLY on top of my firepit for entertaining, or even just to host our morning coffees. We’ve only had it for a week, and it’s already gotten SO much use. I keep it out here 24/7. It not only ties the entire space together, it’s one of those pieces that’s incredibly practical for not just entertaining, but everyday use. We bought the Spinnaker Tray in white.

You may notice the porch is largely lacking the big bursts of color you see in many of my other spaces, and that is very intentional. I love that the focus is on the ever-changing landscape that surrounds the porch, from the purple blooms of the rhododendron in Spring, to the fiery red of the Japanese maple in the Fall. The neutral color palette of the porch itself lends itself to the serenity-inducing space that it is meant to be, and allows the landscape around it to really shine. I grabbed this gorgeous Swansea Cotton Throw that serves as a very light punch of color for the space, and we’ve already gotten so much use out of it on those chilly mornings and evenings. If you’re anything like me and you find anything colder than 80 degrees cold, having a throw within grabbing distance at all times is an absolute MUST. This one is the perfect throw for summer, and I grabbed it in the Dusk/Wildrose color.

Now that the porch is all ready to roll for the season, I’ve turned my eyes to some other super gorgeous pieces at Serena & Lily for the fall.

Tune back in then to see what I couldn’t resist!


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