All I Want for Christmas (Is A Lot of Really Rad Home Decor Items)

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It’s always awkward telling people what you want for Christmas. I always say, “nothing,” even if though that’s very untrue. Of course, the intended gift-giver is always irritated by that response because it doesn’t make their gift-giving any easier. So, this year I’m getting all shameless and writing a damn blog about it. These are the thing I’m asking Billy (ahem, Santa) for this year. I’m also very generously offering him many options to choose from. Oh and, hi Billy! Welcome to my blog! 😉

  1. NíLE Candles Yin Yang. $34

These need no description. They’re just chic AF. Offered by (and image credits to) MINNA

NíLE Candles - Yin Yang

2. SERPENTIS Candelabra – Brass. $195

House of Hackney is one of my favorite design houses. Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle (the founders) have talent and creativity of such unimaginable proportions that it must be oozing from their very pores. I want pretty much everything from HoH, but this incredible candelabra is probably the only thing I can afford (and even that’s a stretch).


3. Action Point Ball Table Lamp. $391

I can picture this little guy on a nightstand, a side table, in the kitchen, on a dining console, on a desk…. he’d fit in fine just anywhere.

5. Abraham Lincoln by Rachel Harrison. $30

My dad is a real history buff and has a (maybe clinical) infatuation with Abraham Lincoln. This book is as delightfully strange and endearing as my own father’s crush on the16th President. A perfect coffee table book to spark conversation and childhood nostalgia.

6. Nude Bottom Pot. $20

I’ll take one in every color, please.

Nude Bottom Pot

7. “Baby Won’t You Light My Legs?” Candle. $77

Vintage brass lady legs have been on my thrifting bucket list for a while now, but these terracotta-colored candles are such an awesome interpretation I just may be able to cross those legs off my list.

"Baby Won't You Light My Legs?" Candle

8. Ibiza Bohemia. $95

In the pandemic age, where travel is complicated at best and impossible at worst, this travel series is really calling my name. Ibiza is somewhere I’ve never been, but it’s on my bucket list (yes, I have a lot of those). For now, I’m craving all the travel and design inspo smooshed behind this stunning cover.

9. Reality Brush Vase. $95

This feels like a fairly straightforward thing I could make myself, but admittedly it wasn’t my idea and I’m all about compensating originality. A fun vase for a desk or an entryway console. It can hold its own as a decorative object, but I can also see a burst of red poppies making this piece extra spectacular.


I probably don’t need to explain that this is simply gorgeous, but I’m always on the lookout for trays to place on ottomans and coffee tables (and rarely find good ones).

Ok, that’s all for now. I think I like making these lists. Maybe I’ll make it a year-round weekly edit?

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