Our Curved Living Room REVEAL

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We have our first reveal of the new house for you and I think this may be my favorite room I’ve done yet. Designing a space with curved walls was truly a lot of fun. It forced me to source pieces I wasn’t used to sourcing (hello, gorgeous Jonathan Louis Cleo Sofa!). It also demanded that I get a bit creative (curved glass is a, well, challenge to say the least). But, I’ve always said I love a good challenge and this space was no exception. 

The very first thing we did after moving in was paint the walls, ceiling and trim. I initially wanted to go with a chocolate-y brown, but after putting it on the trim I immediately knew it was wrong for this space. I had been crushing on Clare’s mid-tone green, “Current Mood,” and after getting it on the walls it felt like magic. Many people have been asking why I painted the ceiling and the trim all the same color. The answer is twofold. The first reason is that this room lacks crown molding, so there isn’t a logical transition between the very uneven wall/ceiling line. Painting both the same color will mask those imperfections and not draw any attention to the lack of crown molding. The second reason is that I wanted the walls in this space to truly act as a background for the furniture. By enveloping the ceiling, walls and trim in the same color, the eye is then allowed to more easily focus on that stunner of a sofa (the true star of this space).

The last paint-related question I have been getting a lot is; “did you use the same finish on the trim and the walls/ceiling?” The answer is no. I used a flat paint on the ceiling and walls (again, to help mask the imperfections of this 123 y/o home). I then used a semi-gloss on the trim to give the space an ever-so-slight contrast.

So, now I want to talk about that SOFA! What I love most about this Cleo sofa is…well, honestly I don’t even know. I truly don’t think there are enough words in the dictionary to do tit justice. The Jubilee Pearl fabric gives just the right amount of cozy texture, and the off-white color pops so perfectly against that Current Mood backdrop. Jonathan Louis also offers SO many fabric options for each of their pieces, and you can even customize your pillows vs. sofa, but I wanted this sofa to really pop against that green, so I went 100% Jubilee Pearl. Iteven comes in a smaller size for those of you who might be interested in it, but may not have the space for this big round beauty.

We’ve also had the Cleo for nearly two months now and I just have to say how impressed I am that a textured white sofa can hold up so well to my two kids and two black dogs. I’ve tried very, very hard to keep my dogs off this sofa, but who can blame them for cuddling on it all day? The true miracle is that I hardly even notice their hair, but when I do all it takes is a quick vacuum and this beauty cleans up so nicely. We also had a coffee incident that cleaned right up.

It’s also worth noting that the Cleo may be the highest quality sofa I have ever owned. It was custom made in the fabric of my choice, and its comfort is through the roof. It’s the perfect depth, too, and I love that I can just lean right back into it without even needing a pillow behind me. This sofa is far and away my favorite spot to be in my house, and the entire room was very justly designed around it. Be sure to check out this site to find a Jonathan Louis dealer near you.

One of my other favorite pieces in this space is the Terrene Gravel Pendant from Jayson Home. This piece takes strong cues from Noguchi’s ubiquitous Akari Pendant, but I love the creamy finish and the slightly more textured surface. It is truly a gorgeous piece that stop anyone who enters the room dead in their tracks.

The rug is another showstopper and hails from my all-time favorite, June + Blue. Becca of June + Blue offers 65+ different colors in this checked rug and I must admit I spent much too much time deliberating. Ultimately, I settled on this beautiful and versatile Fool’s Gold. Becca was even able to have it made into a circle for me. While this rug is absolutely stunning, I think my favorite part about it might actually be how cozy it is; a wonderful feature for humans, but even better for the dogs because they no longer even WANT to go on my new Jonathan Louis Cleo white sofa! Ok, yes they do. But, who can blame them?

The coffee table hails from France & Son and is known on that part of the internet as the Achille. I waited quite a while for this beauty to arrive, but now that it is here I must admit it was worth the wait. Those iron arches are just to die for, and I love that the large round surface gives me all the space I need for entertaining (and to have fun styling). I love that the surface is glass, too, because it doesn’t stain and is easy to clean.

Other smaller pieces in the space come from:

Chandler Stool Black (APT2B)

Vintage Velvet Drapery in Natural (RH)

Most other pieces in the space are vintage, like the lion head planter, the round Adrian Pearsall-esque chairs, and the knick-knacks I styled the space with. 

Clearly, I felt like a curved room called for lots of curved pieces. When we looked at the home and it was staged, the room had all square furniture and it was all wrong. It didn’t fit in the space correctly and it didn’t highlight the beauty of that curve, a fairly rare architectural feature. All the circles and curves in the space draw attention to the fact that the room itself is, in fact, curved. And that’s exactly how I wanted the viewer’s eye to see this space.

I played with color in a bold, yet restrained way. Enveloping the space in a single color gave the room a big punch, but I then pulled back with the large, white curved sofa from Jonathan Louis. The drapery also breaks up the big mass of green and adds a bit of tonal interest to the space. But just when things were getting a bit too serious, I threw in the Fools Gold checkered rug to keep things fun and interesting. And, of course, the vintage pieces give the room its character.

I am so excited to finally have the new home’s FIRST reveal for you…. and I can’t wait to have many more for you in the very near future! Up next: the Primary Bedroom.

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  • Jamala , Direct link to comment

    It’s absolutely stunning!!! I love how you worked with the shape of the room and strategically picked furniture to best suite the room. The colors, the drapery, the rug…it’s all so fabulous!! You continue to amaze me with your style

  • Cat , Direct link to comment

    I really love what you’ve done with this room — it was beautiful to start with, and now ever so much more so. It must have been fun to fully commit to round! round! round!

  • Leslie , Direct link to comment

    This room is stunning! Did you color match the Clare paint? They don’t offer ‘flat’ only eggshell and semi-gloss. Or did you have them specially make it?

  • Deborah C. , Direct link to comment

    Love it all but especially how you used a retro color for the walls that match the era of the furniture. The whimsical touches give it a air of fun, a lightheartedness.
    Skillfully done.

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