Kate’s Holiday Gift Guide: The Art Lover

Every year, I put together a group of gift guides that focus on supporting small shops, artists, and creators. This year, my gift guides will be grouped into the following:





It can be difficult to focus on vintage creators for these lists, as they sell one-of-a-kind pieces. In other words, once it is sold, it’s not available for anyone else to purchase, and I want these lists to be accessible to a wide audience. That said, a unique vintage gift is the best kind of gift and if I can find some time by the end of the month, I’d love to put together a list of some of my favorite vintage sellers, too.

This first gift guide is all for the art lover (isn’t that everyone?). It focuses on several incredibly talented artists who have pieces in the “gift-able” price range. Many of them offer originals, as well as prints, so be sure to click on the links to check out their full range of offerings. I personally very much prefer original art (to prints of originals) to adorn my walls, but originals are often inaccessible because of their high prices. The artists I feature here make owning top-notch original art an attainable goal for many.

Mariana Silveira began creating these incredible figurines last year and has recently added pieces in an array of incredibly rich, saturated colors. They are available for purchase via IG DM @the_decor_studio $52

Trish Andersen has long been one of my favorite artists/creators. Her talent in the fiber arts niche is beyond, and owning one of her originals is high on my bucket list. I love that Trish has recently added these puzzles to her shop, the perfectly unique gift for pretty much anyone on your list. Trish Andersen


Paige Ledom is another favorite who not only creates these amazing collages, but also has a beautifully curated vintage shop on her site. I keep telling Paige she needs to charge more for these wonderful masterpieces, so get one while she still has them wayyyy underpriced! The Overgrown Home

from $25

Stephanie Baron is an artist I have been highlighting for years, and have no intention to stop swooning over anytime soon. Stephanie is one of those artists who just sees the world differently from the rest of us. Each of her creations makes me want to hop inside her brain more than the next. I spent seven years studying the masters of art history (yep, that’s what my academic background is in), and Stephanie is one of those rare talents that still makes my head turn. Stephanie (like nearly everyone on this list) doesn’t charge enough for her works, so now would be the best time to add one of her pieces to your own collection. Stephanie’s accessible pricing also makes a Stephanie Baron masterpiece the perfectly thoughtful gift for your favorite loved one on your list, too. Stephanie Baron

from $75

Mel Remmers is another artist I have been chatting about for a long time and have a deep admiration for. Mel did not have formal training in the arts, which makes her masterful work all the more impressive. Mel’s original work, while an investment, is a purchase I can’t imagine anyone regretting, but Mel also offers prints of her work to gift to any art-lover on your list. Mel Remmers Studio

from $42

Jan Skácelík is one of those multi-hyphenate artists who always seems to have his finger right on the pulse of burgeoning aesthetic trends. I have been saving my extra cash up for one of his iconic wall sculptures, but Jan also offers prints at very accessible prices. Because Jan’s work is digitally-produced, it lends itself quite beautfully to the print medium. Jan Skácelík

from $35

Hannah and Charles Cieri are two Vermont-based ceramicists who have made my gift guide three years in a row, but their work is just too good to not put on my list. I now own about ten pieces from Cieri Fabrications, and fully intend to keep collecting. Hannah and Charles are constantly listing new pieces, so don’t get discouraged if their shop is largely “sold out.” It also never hurts to shoot them an email or IG DM to let them know what you’re looking for. A Cieri-made ceramic is a dream gift for anyone on your list. Cieri Fabrication

from $56

Trudon isn’t exactly an individual artist, but these candles are just too good to leave off the list. This storied French shop produces these incredible candles in a range of colors and in the likeness of some of France’s most prominent historical figures. They’re a bit of a splurge but, especially for we Americans, having a Normandy-produced memento feels extra special (just don’t ever actually burn in it). Trudon

from $75

Kate Pearce. Yes, it’s me! I had the honor of designing five different neon signs for Neon Marvels this year, and all are available in a range of sizes. Designing furniture and home decor is something I’m really hoping to dip my feet into further in the near future, so consider this my debut! Neon Marvels

from $182

The next gift guide (for Kids) will be out within the next week, so stay tuned!

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