It’s that time again!! And over here at Kate Pearce Vintage we’re super excited to dive into another One Room Challenge renovation. This time, it’s going to be all about the moodiness. The Fall always makes me want to embrace the jewel tones that I often work with , and to create spaces that will welcome that warm foliage-laden light that comes streaming through the windows this time of year. I have also long dreamed of having a library in my home. As a self-pronounced bibliophile, dipping my nose into the pages of a REAL, tactile book has been my happy place for as long as I can remember. And being surrounded by books has long been my idea of a perfect room. There has been just a small problem drifting between me and my dream room for about a decade now: I’ve never had an extra room.

A view of the wall that will host our floor to ceiling custom bookshelves.

Perhaps one day I will live in that stately 19th century home with its own dedicated library, but for now we just don’t have that. Instead, we are endeavoring to create a deep, dark moody library with the living room we already have. There will be some challenges. First, this room will still need to function as a living room. We need ample seating for our family of four and for entertaining. This room also hosts our front door, so we will need to work with our entryway to make it flow with the library, but still be a highly functional space for plopping backpacks, boots and coats.

The entry to our home and part of the library space. A design challenge for us!

And, once again, my husband will come to the rescue with his top-notch carpentry skills to create a custom, floor-to-ceiling bookcase with some beautiful finishing details. As he works on that, I will busily source the vintage pieces that make a Kate Pearce Vintage room a, well Kate Pearce Vintage room. And I will be working out a design solution to our front door problem. Our budget is LOW and so we’ve been extraordinarily lucky to have some incredible sponsors hop on board with us. I’d like to thank:

ModSprout Sazerac StitchesDipDipDesigns Common House Studio Planters

I’ll be getting more into how these incredible sponsors have contributed over the next six weeks. ModSprout, in particular, was able to help us make this traditional library space not “so traditional” (because that wouldn’t be me either, now would it?). This library will not just be a library of books, but a library of PLANTS. And if it was not for the ingenious products offered by ModSprout, we never would have been able to make the vision in my brain a reality.

Another view of the space. The library wall will be on the right.

So, here we are with a mood board to give you all the feels for this library space that we will be working tirelessly to complete over these next six weeks. We are beyond excited to be a part of this special design event once again, and want to make sure you head on over to the One Room Challenge blog to check out all of the other incredibly talented designers who will be working their magic on a space of their own.

My inspo board for our moody library. Sources: Sofa (JoyBird) Light (Sazerac Stitches) Rug (June + Blue) Growframe (ModSprout) Library Inspo (Pinterest/Source Unknown)

I hope you’re all as excited as I am to see some of the best before and afters of 2019.



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