Well, week numero DOS has snuck up on us like a cat on a mouse, but we’ve had a really great week and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. We are 90% done with painting the walls and our design details are 90% worked out. We have begun construction on the bookcase and (drumroll, please)…. we have TWO new sponsors who have hopped on board to make our moody library dreams a reality.

a reminder of the direction our moody library is going

So, first things first: THE PAINT. The timing of announcing our paint color couldn’t be more appropriate, as I am off to attend a Farrow & Ball event tomorrow evening (so keep an eye on my Instagram stories). When we first moved into our home a little over two years ago, the first thing we did was paint every room in Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White. But white doesn’t exactly fit in with the dark, moody library dreams I’ve had in my head since the age of 12 (yes, I was the weird 12 year-old reading Better Homes & Gardens and House Beautiful instead of Highlights Magazine). So, what did we decide on for the wall color for our Fall 2019 ORC?

Farrow & Ball’s Studio Green.

Why green, you ask? Well, at first I was settled on black, Farrow & Ball’s Off-Black, to be precise. But, when I walked into the paint store and saw the Studio Green I just couldn’t shake my love for it. It looks almost black on the wall, but when the light shines on it, a deep emerald green shines through. It’s versatile in that it can wear a black cape…or a green one at a moment’s notice, and it’s dramatic in it’s deep, romantic darkness. It was (and is) just PERFECT.

Farrow & Ball’s Studio Green will entirely cover our Decorator’s White walls.

So, as I covered the walls in the Farrow & Ball Studio Green, I worked HARD on my husband to get him on board with continuing the Studio Green onto the ceilings. He isn’t having it. And I have to give in, because I have to remind myself that I’m not a design tyrant (though, in all honesty that sounds like a title I could get behind). So, ceiling stays white. And the bookshelves?

We’ll get into that next week.

Next, I want to quickly thank the new sponsors who have hopped on board the Kate Pearce Vintage ORC train:

Ed Gutentag’s Online Oriental Rugs has been so kind as to send us my DREAM kilim rug to be layered in the space. The rug is 40-50 years old and was weaved by a mother and father to gift to their daughter for her wedding. The rug was used as a bed covering for their marriage. I just LOVE when I know the story behind a vintage piece in my space and teaming up with Ed has been one of the most exciting moments of this One Room Challenge. I am BEYOND excited to show you guys this piece. I’ll be showing a sneak peak in Instagram stories today, but you’ll have to hang on tight for a full reveal of this beauty.

In lieu of the beautiful rug I will show you my beautiful husband cutting wood. You’re welcome.

Next up in the sponsor department is HomePop. This collab also felt like serendipity as I have had a bench in mind for the entryway portion of this room transformation, but had no budget for the bench. Then, low and behold, HomePop came along with literally the EXACT bench that has been hanging out in my mind for the space and we are just so excited to have this product in our ORC. Full reveal of the product coming soon!

Sam Adams is NOT a sponsor, but they absolutely should be.

The last thing I want to quickly touch upon is an update on the bookshelves. The full demolition of the molding/wall has been completed and construction has entered into its infancy stages. We had a bit of a set back when my husband busted through one of our water pipes with his hammer. I don’t mean to make him sound like a freshman, because he ISN’T. Instead of crying over it (which also felt right), we decided to laugh instead because after demo-ing pretty much our entire 110 year-old home, this was the first real hiccup we’ve run into. So, we were set back a day but we’re not letting that weigh us down. THE SHOW WILL GO ON.

And we can’t wait to broadcast phase THREE… in just seven short days.

Please take some time to go check out all of the other incredible participants on the One Room Challenge blog. There are SO many fantastic transformations going down, both with the Featured Designers and Guest Participants, and I promise you that checking them out is the best way to take your coffee break today.

Until next week!



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