Dining Chairs: It’s All About That Mix

This post is sponsored by ALLMODERN but the opinions expressed in the blog are my own.

I was ecstatic to see the positive feedback on our newly revealed dining space. It’s always a feel-good moment to have approval of a project, but it feels even better when that project was done on a super skim budget. We reused a lot of pieces we already owned, added some new vintage pieces, and also decided to keep the budget low by doing a mix of different style chairs. Our bench and those luxe black velvet beauties were added to our already-owned vintage Peter Hvidt rope chair, to complete a vision that I like to call “a chilled-out vintage luxe feel”.

The rope chair was the original piece that we added to the space. We loved how it eased the transition from the over-the-top chandelier to the more down-to-earth wood china cabinet. That rope chair has delicate, sexy lines, but the teak and rope materials takes the vibe down a few notches. The bench was added to hide the radiator behind it, and to allow space for any extra butt or two. And then we searched for those last chairs. And searched. And searched.

And when we found them, it was love at first sight.

The two black velvet Danton chairs from ALLMODERN came in a few different fabrics, and we had the option of a chrome or gold leg. I chose the black velvet to really dial up the luxuriousness, but to also not fight the orange velvet bar stools that occupy the same space. The gold legs were also an obvious choice to tie in the gold from the chandelier hanging above the chairs, but to also tie them to the gold-legged cantilevered bar stools in the kitchen. “The Golden Trifecta,” as I like to call it.

But, truly the chair mix just felt very “me.” Yes, it was an on-budget choice, but it was also on-brand. I love the mix of the textures, the different silhouettes, and even the bridge that the chair mix builds from the mid-century to the present-day.

ALLMODERN has a crazy good selection of dining chairs. Almost overwhelming. And the Danton chairs hadn’t caught my eye at first because they were displayed in chrome and blue (not the mix I was looking for). So an added tip when you’re searching for that perfect chair – focus on the chair’s form rather than its fabric. So many of those ALLMODERN chairs have several options for upholstery AND for the legs.

And you wouldn’t want to miss out on that perfect chair.


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