A Review of Revival Rugs

This post is sponsored by Revival Rugs, but the opinions expressed in the blog are my own.

OK, let’s talk rugs. If you know anything about me, it’s probably that I have an obsession with rugs, and a tendency to hoard them. I have gorgeous rugs folded in my attic, some of which I have listed for sale, but many that I do not have listed because the thought of parting with them makes me woozy.

It’s all almost criminal, really.

But, truly, what I want to speak to is vintage rugs. It’s not just their one-of-a-kind nature that gets me swooning (though that is a BIG part of it). The thing that truly sets off the addict in me is their imperfections. I’m not talking stains, or holes, or anything like that. I mean that worn-in, loved-a-lot look. That feeling that you get from an old pair of blue jeans, or that sweatshirt you’ve been wearing since high school.

Some things are just better old.

I’ve worked with a lot of rug dealers before. I love them all very much. They work hard to source unique pieces, and are often a one-(wo)man operation. I’ve blogged about many of my favorites before. But I’ve never given my review of Revival Rugs. They’re the first rug company (not one-(wo)man shop) I have truly been excited about it. That box from Revival Rugs was the first rug company box I’ve opened, reached into, and not just loved what I saw, but also what I felt.

The Sigurhans rug sent to me by Revival was made with hemp in the 1960s in Turkey. They cleaned this beauty up like the fairy godmother of rugs that they are, and sent it my way looking good as new…or, rather, as good as old. It lacked the stiffness of newer rugs, and was so soft I felt like throwing it on my bed (and, hey, maybe I will). The dyes of the rug were still vivid, yet perfectly worn. The Sigurhans is….well, just a work of art.

Revival Rugs, because they are not a one-man operation, has a large selection of vintage and one-of-a-kind rugs. They’re also one-of-a-kind, which means you can’t sit and think about the rug you’ve been ogling for a month. For an addict like me, that’s the perfect excuse to just press “buy now.” For others, that kind of pressure can feel debilitating. But their endlessly evolving inventory of rug eye candy all but guarantees you will find that gem you’ve been looking for.

Revival has been so kind as to offer my readers a 10% off discount. Simply use code KATEPEARCEVINTAGE10 at checkout to activate your discount.

Cheers to a happy rug shopping experience…… (as if there were any other kind).


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