Kate Pearce Vintage One Room Challenge Fall 2020: WEEK 2

So week two snuck up on us, but it turns out that my father’s OCD really does come in handy when it comes to my own personal time management. I went over to their house on Saturday morning in my paint clothes, carrying three gallons of Sherwin Williams paint. I expected that painting their living rooms walls, ceiling, and window trim would take me the better part of the weekend to complete, but I was only about 40% sure that my Dad was going to let me even so much as open a paint can.

My pops doing what he does best.

Let’s get one thing straight: I am a “good” painter. I’ve painted the interior of my home on my own, using the appropriate types of paint and brushes and wielding my own (inherited, obviously) OCD to my advantage. Shit looks pretty solid around here, if I do say so myself. Still, my father’s fastidiousness puts even my own to shame and by the time I started shaking a paint can he had already swooped in to claim the paint project as his own.

Sherwin Williams Pure White looks crisp without looking sterile.

I can’t say I was mad about it. I do like painting, but not THAT much. And he did, as usual, do a damn good job. We used Sherwin Williams Pure White on the walls. I have a few go-to whites on my list and Pure White is one of them. I like to use it in North-facing rooms because the hint of warm undertones balances out the cool light that seeps into such spaces. But the thing I like most about Pure White is that, of any white I have ever used (and there have been many), there are so few undertones in the paint. That is exactly what makes it a great choice for nearly any room, but especially rooms that may have light coming in from many directions (I used the same color in our attic renovation for that very reason).

Their fireplace mantle was replaced last year and will be dressed up with the antique gilded mirror shown below.

For the windows we used Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. This was my first time using Tricorn Black and I am very happy with how it came out. It’s a rich black, but stops short of being too severe. I decided to go with black on the window trim because I love how it frames out the view to my mother’s garden. It’s also classic. I thought about using a fun pop of color on the window trim, but only held onto that idea for a millisecond because I know my mother is looking to create a space that will stay current for the next two decades. We also, at the last second, decided to dispose of the window mullions entirely. This wasn’t something that was on my radar, but when we took them out to paint them, I realized the view to my mother’s garden was much too beautiful to be obstructed. A perfect example of a room coming together through process, rather than planning.

I love how the Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black frames out of the view to my mom’s garden like a painting hung in a museum.

The goals for this week are to get the Anewall Shaded Landscape Mural hung on the wall. I am toying with the idea of adding some decorative molding around the mural to frame it out. I would LOVE to build some shelving to flank the mural instead, but I am not sure I am going to get my parents on board with that idea, so molding feels like a simpler alternative.

This Anewall Shaded Landscape Mural will be hung this week in the space.

We were also able to source a STUNNING antique mirror off of Facebook Marketplace. I am going to pop out the piece in the middle of the mirror and replace it with something fun – or maybe nothing at all. I want to get this piece hung this week so I can brainstorm with it in place on the wall. It will be hung over the fireplace. I also would like to source some fun vintage pieces to style on the mantle. I want to keep the mantle styling SIMPLE and uncluttered. It is TBD whether I will use vintage pieces my mother already has stashed, or if I will find something out in the wild. Likely, it will be a combination of both.

We scored this antique mirror off of Facebook Marketplace for $100. We will take out the centerpiece and hang it over the fireplace.

I also have yet to source a sofa for the space. I don’t want to force this decision, and sofas can take plenty of time to get delivered, so time is of the absolute essence on this front. I am looking for a piece in a neutral color (again, mama needs pieces that are not trendy and will serve her well in the long-term). I’d also like to get a sofa that has a chaise on the left side for lounging. Pictured here are some of the options I am considering:

So, the to-do list for WEEK 3 looks like this:

Wish us luck, send any good vintage our way, and be sure to head on over to the One Room Challenge site to check out all of the other incredible transformations happening this Fall 2020 season!

Until next week!


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