Kate Pearce Vintage Fall 2020 One Room Challenge: Week 3

For the first time I ever, I am several days late posting an ORC blog, and it feels both weird and good. My personality is majorly A-type and the mere thought of being late for anything – whether it’s a meeting or a blog – makes me sweat a little. But, posting two days late and realizing I am still alive was probably one of the most therapeutic activities I have done in 2020.

a view of our vacation spot!

The reason for the tardiness is that I am actually away, having fun, and didn’t feel like opening my laptop because the beach was beckoning me. See above for a shot of our amazing VRBO (and head to my Instagram for more on how you can win a stay here!). But, just because I am chilling on the beach, that doesn’t mean, however, that nothing was accomplished this past week. My dad majorly came to the rescue and stepped in to hang the vintage mirror, the Anewall Shaded Landscape mural, and the drapes from Restoration Hardware. My mom stepped in to take the photographs, and here I am typing a blog about a bunch of stuff I sourced and designed but had nothing to do with implementing.

The Anewall Shaded Landscape mural!

The Anewall Shaded Landscape mural is absolutely epic and I am so glad we got it up on the early side so I could visualize how exactly I want to frame it in the room. I am debating between flanking the mural with bookcases, or merely framing it out with some molding. I am leaning towards the former, and am hoping we might have some time to do a good ole’ IKEA hack with their Billy bookcases.

The Facebook Marketplace-sourced vintage mirror.

The vintage mirror was initially intended to hang above the fireplace, but when we went to hang the mirror it became apparent that the scale of it was too overwhelming for that spot. So, intead, we decided to hang in the mirror in the hallway. The placement of the mirror may have to shift a bit after the new railing system is installed, but overall I do love how to reflects light in a part of the room that is nearly always dark. The scale also works well in the long hallway. We also removed the center marbled formica that was in the middle of the mirror, and I am toying with the idea of painting behind the mirror, but in what way and with what colors is TBD.

We went with a natural textured drape for the windows to pick up the jute rug and to offer a bit of contrast to the walls. We re-used the same rod my parents already had in the room, but we lifted it about six inches and hung it about as high as the molding would allow. I firmly believe that drapes should be hung as high as possible in rooms that have ceilings that are on the lower side, because it gives the appearance of higher ceilings. This is based on nothing other than my own observations. There may be a rule about that in the interior designs books. I’m not sure, though, because I don’t like to follow rules. That’s probably the same personality trait that always made my college professors scratch their heads. But I find that when it comes to creative endeavors, especially, rules are more apt to have the effect of boxing one in than making one stand out.

Restoration Hardware drapes

So, despite my absence for the better part of the week, we were still able to accomplish quite a bit. The fun news is that because it was a bit of a light week on the workload, we will have a lot to catch up on for weeks 4-6 and will have a lot of fun stuff to share for the latter half of this challenge. Be sure to tune back in next week, which will hopefully include at least the beginnings of our plans for framing out that Anewall mural. I am also hopeful to include our final plans for replacing the furniture in the space. See below with our updated moodboard that includes Joybird’s Lewis sectional, which is not finalized but is the piece I am hoping to source for this ORC.

Updated moodboard. Rug from Revival Rugs. Coffee table from TXTUR. Fringe lamp from IAMFY. Floor lamp from ORIGINAL BTC. Mural from Anewall. Sofa from Joybird.

And, as always, be sure to visit the One Room Challenge page to check up on all of the other wonderful transformations happening this season!

Until next week!


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  • Michelle , Direct link to comment

    You have found some amazing pieces already! I love the idea of the bookshelves, but how would you work around those vents? Interested to see how it turns out – that mural is my fave!

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