Kate Pearce Vintage Fall 2020 One Room Challenge: Week 4

I can’t believe week 4 is finally upon us! This week we were met with some unexpected circumstances, and so we were forced to come up with some unexpected solutions. The biggest challenge was sourcing bookshelves to flank the Anewall Decor mural. We were planning on doing a Billy bookcase hack to give inexpensive shelves a custom look, but we were not able to source Billy bookcases – or even any other IKEA shelving unit that would work – because of a shortage at IKEA due to COVID. We spent an afternoon considering building the bookcases from scratch or going outside IKEA, but ultimately decided to source some large plants to flank the mural.

I loved the idea of the plants playing into the bucolic landscape of the mural. My real wish was to use Norfolk pines, both because of the time of year, and because of the outdoor landscape of the mural, but my mom fell in love with these Schefflera at the nursery. I loved them, too, so I figured this wasn’t a battle worth having. We also both quickly agreed that these matte black planters were perfect for the space.

The next thing we did was exchange those dated old La-Z-BOY chairs for this vintage mid-century beauties. If you’ve been following me for a bit, you may remember that these chairs used to be in my living room, and they’ve been stored in the basement so we brought them up and over to my parents so they could have a moment of glory. I am not sure these chairs will be permanent staples in this room for one reason, and one reason alone: comfort. Not that they aren’t comfortable, but going from La-Z-BOY to this is proving to be a difficult transition for my father, so we’ll be keeping our eyes out for a cozier (but still chic) option. That may happen after reveal, but just like any other ORC project, the room will continue to evolve even after all of the ORC deadlines pass.

This coffee table from one of my favorite new brands – TXTUR – is proving to be a family favorite. If you saw my Instagram stories, you will have seen that the table top flips (one quarter at a time), so the table can fluctuate between seating and, well, table. But the thing I love most about TXTUR is their commitment to the environment. TXTUR has an upcycling program where you can return your furniture to them, and they will reuse it, upcycle it, and even reward you for it. They also take raw materials and send them direct to consumer, eliminating the need for a carbon-eating middle man.

We also finally brought this Revival Rugs Moroccan beauty into the space and we couldn’t be more excited about the pop of color it offers to this otherwise neutral space. I was VERY attached to this rug when I found it,but it wasn’t quite large enough for the space, so we decided to layer it over a basic natural fiber rug. This one-of-a-kind beauty really dials the whole space up a notch. This is the fourth rug I have owned from Revival and I can’t say enough about them as a brand. Their business model focuses on one–of-a-kind, and often vintage, pieces and ALL of them are of the highest quality. If you’re on the market for a rug, be sure to visit Revival and use code KATEPEARCEVINTAGE10 for 10% off any order.

I am beyond excited to report that we will in fact be teaming up with Joybird to bring the Lewis sectional into the space (see on moodboard below). So this dated old bitty will soon be on its way. I grew up with this sofa at our lake house in New Hampshire, so part of me will be sad to see it go, and another part of me will be relieved. I can’t say I love it, but it does remind me of some pretty epic summers! The Lewis sectional is SUCH a beauty and it will come in their Royale Blush color. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it arrives for reveal, but either way it will be a glorious addition when it comes.

The Lewis sectional from Joybird will replace the current sofa. We are also awaiting the arrival of this Oxford Double Floor Lamp from Original BTC.

I was also able to source this marble-top side table (see below) this week off of Facebook Marketplace for (wait for it…..)……. $20! I think I am going to spray paint the base black, but overall I am super excited about this score. The woman I bought it from said it belonged to her mother who had just passed away at the age of 96, and the little table is from the 1940s. This piece is proof that high-class style doesn’t have to come at a high price.

Marble top side table from Facebook Marketplace with dahlias from my mom’s garden.

We replaced the clunky TV over the fireplace with a Samsung Frame TV. I don’t love TV’s over fireplaces, but my parents were very committed to this idea, so at least we’re doing it in style. It looks WAY better than what was there. I grabbed two vintage marble bookends that my mom and I had sourced at an estate sale last year to start playing around with how to style the mantle. I had planned to use them on the bookshelves, but they are not happening anymore! We have an old record player console in the basement that we are toying with bringing upstairs and upcycling. Now that building bookcases isn’t on the radar, we should have some extra time to dedicate to the record player and I love the idea of placing it centered on the mural. thinking of record player-turned bar cart.

The mirror we scored off of Facebook Marketplace hangs in the hallway instead of over the fireplace since the scale was too large. I placed the IAMFY fringe lamp on the marble table for now, I am not sure it will stay in this spot but I AM sure that I love it! We are also awaiting the delivery of the new railing system, which could possibly be installed as soon as next week.

Overall, I’m excited about how things are coming together over here! As always, be sure to head over to the One Room Challenge blog to check out all of the other magical transformations happening. And check out my Instagram for story updates throughout the week on this project (a highlight tab is saved on my profile).

See yah next week!


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