Kate Pearce Vintage Fall 2020 One Room Challenge: Week 5

Disclaimer: some of the items discussed in this post are sponsored, but all opinions are my own.

Obviously, I’m a few days overdue on this update. The election here in the United States had me glued to my television like a fly on Mike Pence’s head and, quite pathetically, I lost all sense of self control. BUT! I do have some fun updates for this week, and I’m excited to be nearing reveal. I’m also happy that we have plenty of things saved for that final blog, including a new sofa ala Joybird and a new railing system from L.J. Stair Smith Co.

I mentioned that we would be bringing up an old record player that was in this space while I was growing up. It’s been covered in cobwebs and inches of dust since the end of Ronald Reagan’s presidency (OK, I promise that will be the last political reference), and we decided to bring it upstairs and revive it with some TLC. Here’s the plan for the record player:

I took a page from Cloe Thomson’s book, and added some dowel’s purchased from the local craft store to the upper part of the record player’s facade. I ordered some piping that will also be placed around the perimeter of the dowels to give it a finished look, but that has yet to arrive. I then took the old grates off of the speakers, ordered some caning and will place the cane over the speakers to give them an updated look without obstructing the sound. Lastly, I took off the lower part of the facade. This week, I will cut out a piece of plywood, attached it, and use larger dowels to create a different pattern on the lower half of the facade. I was hoping to complete the record player before this week’s blog but, well, obviously that didn’t happen.

The second exciting development this week included the arrival of this gorgeous Oxford Double Floor Light (gifted) from Original BTC, a British lighting company that specializes in exceptional bespoke pieces. This is my first piece from Original BTC, and I have to say that the quality and craftsmanship of this lamp is BEYOND expectations. The ceramic shade is so intricately crafted, and the materials are such a breath of fresh air. My only regret is that I don’t have more Original BTC pieces in this space.

I mentioned in last week’s blog that we scored a super cool marble-top side table off of Facebook Marketplace for $20. This week, we spray painted the base with a high gloss black and I am ecstatic to see how much that $3 can of spray paint took this piece from a little sad to very fab.

We also learned that our Joybird sofa (gifted)- the Lewis sofa in Royale Blush – is officially in production. This piece will be like the chef’s kiss for this rom, and I am so, so, so, so, SO excited for it to arrive. This will be the third sofa in just a year that I have from Joybird, and if you follow me on Instagram you probably know about my Joybird obsession already. The sofa will come with a left-sided chaise and will bring elegance, along with a much-needed dash of modernity to the space. We will also be getting a set of nesting tables – specifically the Eliza Nesting Tables (gifted)- for this space, and I think they will be the perfect pieces for this room, one that is often used for entertaining (pre-COVID, but something to look forward to in 2021 – I hope).

Updated moodboard. Rug from Revival Rugs. Coffee table from TXTUR. Fringe lamp from IAMFY. Floor lamp from ORIGINAL BTC. Mural from Anewall. Sofa from Joybird.

I’ve begun to style the antique clawfoot cabinet with my mom’s vintage collections as well. As mentioned previously, my mom and I scored this stunning piece at an estate sale for $200 and it didn’t even need one little change to look this good. This piece was stuffed with anything and everything, but now I am walking through my mom’s vast collections and creating some groups that will play nice together, and give the space a more considered look.

I have just one last update for Week 5 and that is the arrival of the L.J. Smith Stair railing system. It will be installed sometime in the next week, so stay tuned to Instagram stories for that process.

I am likely to use the extra time that was so graciously offered be Linda Weinstein at the One Room Challenge, as our sofa is expected to be delivered a bit after the first reveal date of the ORC. So keep your eyes peeled for a delayed reveal, but one that I very much hope will be well worth the wait!

As always, be sure to head over to the One Room Challenge blog to check out all of the other incredible transformations happening this season!

Until Reveal!


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