How to Make Your Coffee Taste Better Without Switching Your Beans

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If you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve probably seen me plugging my favorite descaling products by Frieling. Their durgol Universal and durgol Swiss Espresso products are my go-to for getting rid of nasty limescale build-up on all of my favorite kitchen appliances (think electric tea kettle, kitchen faucet, coffee pots, or anything that has water run through it). I have to admit, my drop coffee maker and pour over have been getting lots of extra love during quarantine and I was beginning to actually notice a distinctly different (and worse) taste to my coffee after a while. I finally ran the durgol Universal descaler through my pour over and my electric kettle and was floored by the difference it made. 

I immediately felt inspired and started pouring durgol descalers into every single appliance I could find. It is magical to just see the limescale build-up melt away and I like to think about the fact that it’s working well beyond what is even visible to my eyes. Using a descaler is so important because it cleans out the INSIDE of the machine (think of it like a medicine clearing out the arteries of your coffee machines).

If you’re new to my blog or my Instagram, you may not know that my brother owns four award-winning coffee shops. I called him before moving forward with Frieling because, despite my personal love of their products, I wanted to see if a coffee expert would endorse them, too (my bro, Mark Boccard, is in fact a Q-certified expert in coffee). He laughed when I told him I hadn’t descaled my coffee machines in nearly a year, and asked if I had been drinking coffee or limescale all that time (and, yes, he did give the durgol products his endorsement).

I must admit, too, that the pandemic has me using my home coffee makers more than usual as I decided to forego my daily coffee shop trips. I’m sure many of you have done the same. The other thing that makes durgol products stand out among the rest is that it doesn’t use any hazardous chemicals to get your machines sparkling clean. Be sure to head on over to Instagram to check out my content there, and visit this link here to shop Frieling’s products.

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