A Review in Sofas for 2020

I hear people say over and over again, “paint your walls a fun color, but keep your staples neutral.” Well, people, I am here to tell you that I operate precisely OPPOSITE to that advice. Nearly all my walls are white or black, but my furniture is almost never neutral. Do I get sick of it? No. Color is my jam.

Joybird’s Briony Sofa in Cordova Picante

So, when Joybird recently asked to team up, I was pretty ecstatic. I had been eyeing their Briony Sofa for a while (it was even on my One Room Challenge mood board before they got in touch with me). So it took precisely five seconds to tell them, “I’m on board! And with your Briony Sofa in Cordova Picante!

“Are you worried about how comfortable the sofa will be?” many people asked. My answer: “no.” Because, for me, impracticality reigns supreme. My last sofa in this space was a green velvet sectional – and it was terribly uncomfortable – but I loved on it anyway because it pleased my eyeballs. I realize I’m not like most people in this way. And it’s not that I don’t care about comfort or practicality in home decor, it’s just not my priority. My entire life my mom has been lecturing me about practicality, so I’m pretty sure that’s how I ended up this way.

But to my (and my mother’s) delight, this Joybird sofa ended up being, quite literally, the most comfortable sofa I have ever sat my butt on. In fact, the Briony sofa was so damn comfortable, that my mom decided to order a Joybird sofa herself (despite not even being on the market for a sofa).

But what is it, exactly, that drew me to the Briony sofa?

That channeled back.

Joybird’s Briony Sofa in Cordova Picante

Mid-century will always have a place in the decor world. The 50s/60s were an epic time for art and design, and the post-war period was met with a remarkable amount of creativity and aesthetic innovation. That said, I think 2020 is going to be the year we see mid-century take on a supportive, rather than a leading, role in design. But that’s exactly what the Briony sofa is: a masterful marriage of mid-century innovation with 1980s art deco edge.

Joybird’s Briony Sofa in Cordova Picante

I would invite you all to head to my Pinterest to check out all of the obnoxiously expensive sofas I have been pinning. And, no, I don’t plan on cashing in my 401k to own one. But they might give you an idea of where I personally (and humbly) see the 2020s heading with sofa design.

And all those high-end beauties may give you just the right amount of appreciation for Joybird’s novelty…. and price point.

Happy sofa hunting.


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